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I am a Professor of Finance at the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow. I previously held the posts of Lecturer / Senior Lecturer / Reader in Accounting and Finance in the same department. I joined academia in 2013 as a Lecturer in Management Accounting in the department of Accounting, Finance and Economics of Bournemouth University. In terms of my studies, I received a BSc and an MSc in Computer and Electrical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens in 2010 and a PhD in Quantitative Finance from Adam Smith Business School, Economics, University of Glasgow in 2013.

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My research interests generally lie in the area of applied/quantitative finance and Operational Research (OR). I am particularly interested in financial forecasting applications and trading strategies. In the past I have done extensive work on Artificial Intelligence techniques and Heuristics (e.g. Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming, Support Vector Machines, Krill Herd Optimization etc). I have expanded my work in the topics of Bayesian Relevance Vector Machines, Fuzzy rules, Copula portfolio optimization, Data Envelopment and Stochastic Frontier Analysis. Recently, my interest has shifted in more traditional areas in finance such as firm-level performance literature and banking efficiency along with multi-disciplinary topics such as Financial Technology (FinTech) and Corporate Social Responsibility. Until this point, my research has led to publications in highly ranked academic journals in OR and Finance (e.g. European Journal of Operational Research, Quantitative Finance, Expert Systems with Applications, Annals of Operational Research, International Journal of Finance and Economics, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, European Journal of Finance, Journal of Forecasting inter alia). 

Currently, I am teaching the course of Foundations of Financial Technology (PG) and Advances of Machine Learning in Finance (PG) and I am the program director of the MSc in FinTech offered by University of Glasgow. I am involved and I have taught in the past a variety of courses related to Financial Investment, Statistics and Research Methods (Corporate Finance (PG), Statistical Analysis and Methods (UG), Quantitative Economic Applications (UG), Contemporary Business Issues (PG), International Financial Management (PG), International Investment Management (PG), Portfolio Analysis and Investment (PG), Advanced Portfolio Analysis (PG) and Financial Markets & Corporate Finance (UG) inter alia). I have also been involved with accounting related courses mostly from an empirical research perspective (e.g Issues in Accounting Research (PG), Management Accounting (UG), Strategic Management Accounting (UG)).

In terms of PhD supervision, I am looking for PhD candidates in the fields of machine learning, financial forecasting and quantitative/applied finance and FinTech. I am currently supervising eight PhD students in topics relevant to the above areas, while under my supervision five students have finished their PhD and progressed successfully  in their academic and professional career.

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